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The Oil & Gas Industry in Poland

Poland Oil & Gas Industry started with the primary oil well in the world, at Bóbrka Field in 1853, followed by the first refinery in 1854. Poland was the third most productive country in the world in 1900. But, due to occupations by Nazis and afterward Soviets, it currently has just a small, mostly state-owned component, with production from its Permian Basin in the west, small and extremely old fields in the Carpathians in the south, and offshore in the Baltic Sea. For natural gas the country is almost totally dependent on legacy pipelines from the former Soviet Union.

Oil Gas Industry in Poland Analysis, Opportunities,and Forecast Report 2016-2025 - Research and Markets

The report provides analysis of key opportunities and associated challenges facing Poland oil and gas industry. In the midst of a few difficulties facing the oil and gas industry including fall in prices, changing market conditions, oil and gas sector risk and shift in competitive landscape, the report provides detailed insights into critical short and long term factors set to shape the viewpoint.

The research work examines the current infrastructure (EP, LNG, refinery, storage and pipelines assets), market conditions, investment climate and competitive landscape of upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Detailed information on fields, blocks, pipelines, refineries, storage assets and LNG terminals along with Asset by asset details of all existing and planned projects across Poland oil and gas value chain are detailed in the report.

Key trends, strategies and projects being arranged by organizations, investors and governments are examined along with the feasibility of new projects in Poland oil and gas markets. Further, expected start up, impact of competing assets in other countries and overall industry developments, investments required and other related information on planned projects is provided in detail.

Detailed outlook of the industry in terms of production forecasts of oil, gas, LNG, LPG, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil along with supporting parameters of primary energy demand, GDP and population are included.