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Oil and Gas Investments

The betterment of oil and natural gas generation across the U.S. has opened the way to drilling & income projects for business, accredited, and institutional financial specialists. 3 Leg Resources is proud to be a part of the drive toward energy independence by developing associations that drive oilfield development in areas of interest such as the oil and gas services industry.

3 Leg Resources centers on taking advantage of oil and gas investment opportunities that make stable development and long-term gains. Our trusted relationships with proven operators such as Renegade Wireline Services and prospect generators have resulted in 3 Leg Resources participation in some of the most sought after plays in the Gulf Coast Region and Texas.

3 Leg Resources is a privately held company that generates and develops drilling projects in search of domestic oil and gas reserves. Joint Venture participation is made available to oil and gas firms and qualified individual investors.

Through its core of seasoned workers, consultants and academic colleagues, 3 Leg Resources produces oil and gas drilling ventures with the very best degree of ability, utilizing the best geophysical interpretive technology accessible.